Tallgrass: They use a best by date on the cases only. Some are the month day year. They are phasing into Julian with yyddd.

Tap Brewing: They use a bottling date. From information we have seen the brewer states that they don't have dates on the 12 oz. Bottles, but stamp the date onto the cases. With the new 22 oz. beers they mark month and year they were bottled. They are working on adding that to the 12 oz.

Terminal Gravity: They use a bottling date on the mother carton only.

Terrapin: They use a best by date. It's notched on the side of the label, on cans and on their kegs. Calculate 6 months prior to find the bottling date. Seasonal Sessions and Monster Beers releases are not notched but do have a shelf life: 6 months for Seasonal, 1 year for Monster. Bottlings for these are released within a week of each other. Side Projects and Special Releases are style-dependent

Third Street Brewhouse (MN): They use a produced date.

Thomas Creek: They use a production date. They print a Julian date code for production on the shoulder of each bottle. If you hold up the bottle to the light, you should see the printed code somewhere in the shoulder/neck area body label and neck label. If the code says something like TCR048BA. Translates to: Thomas Creek Red Feb. 17, 2010.

Thomas Hooker: They use a born on date. From information we have seen the brewer states that it is Laser printed born on date on each bottle.

Three Creeks: They use a bottling date.

Thunderhead: They use a best by date on the bottom of their cans. 

Tied House: They use a bottled/packed on date on the bottles and cases.

Tommyknocker: They use a bottled on date located on the left side which is the day of the month, bottom is year, letters are the month.

Traveler Beer: They use a best before date.

Troegs: They use a bottling date which is written in black ink just above the label. Reads BOTTLED ON mm/dd/yyyy.

Trumer: They use an enjoy by date. From information we have seen from the brewer it is vertically etched on the left side of the back label, and is in a MMDDYY format (063013 would thus mean June 30, 2013). It is positioned next to the UPC bar code.The date is 150 days from bottling.

Tuckerman Brewing Co: They use a best before date which is notched on the label.The cases are stamped with a “When Ready” date for the warehouse.

Tuppers' Hop Pocket: They use a bottling date on the cases only.

Twisted Pine: They use a bottling date which is only marked on the master cartons.

Two Brothers: They use a best before date It is on the back label of the bottle and also on the bottom of their cans. Format is MM/DD/YY.

Tyranena: They use a bottled on date. It's on the neck of the bottle in dark ink.