KBS - Imperial Stout - Founders Brewing (Grand Rapids, Michigan) - 11.2% ABV

2015 Vintage - Poured from a bottle, it pours pitch black with a good sized deep tan head. Aroma - Huge roasted coffee leads the way, then oak, vanilla, some chocolate and if you stretch the nostrils maybe even a bit of butterscotch. Taste - Upon first sip the coffee is most prevalent, along with a good helping of chocolate and a good dose of bourbon but as you drink on the vanilla comes out and so does the oak, yes you can taste a bit of alcohol but you wouldn't think this beer is an 11.2 % ABV by no means. On a side note the mouthfeel is silky smooth. So does this brew live up to the hype ?? Im not sure any beer could live up the buzz created by this one (no pun intended) but it sure comes close. This brew is everything a good Imperial Stout should be. It has big bold flavors, most notably the roasted coffee, chocolate and the bourbon, it has a smooth mouthfeel and for such a high ABV it maintains a smoothness. So we have no choice but to give this beer two thumbs up.

RATING 9.2 out of 10


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