Eagle Rock: They use a bottling date on both their cases and bottles.

East End: From information we have seen the brewer states that 100% of their bottled beers are getting either a brewed on or packaged on date, with the exception of our Gratitude Barleywine which is color coded by year and all our kegs get tagged with a packaging date on the keg cap.

Eel River: They use a packaged on date in the format is MMM/DD/YY.

Einhorn: They use a filling date on the mother carton only. Example: JULY 30, 2012.

Ellicottville: They use a brewed on date which is stamped on the outside of their cases as well as the bottles.

El Toro: They use a bottling date which is located on the top of the case. Example: Filled on mm/dd/yy.

Elysian: They use a best before date which is normally located on the bottom right of the label. Example: BEST BY 10-23-14.

Empyrean: They use a best enjoyed by date. From information that we have seen the brewer states that they notch the best enjoyed by month and year on our bottle labels.  They have a sticker with the best enjoyed by day and month and beer batch on the top of each 6 or 12 pack box.

Epic Ales: They use a batch number which you can obtain more information about by emailing brewer.

Epic Brewing: They use a release number that you can then use on their website to find out brewing and packing details.

Erie (PA): They use a bottling date. From information we have seen the brewer states that they have a date on the case of the beer which is in Julian date code.

Estes Park: They use a bottling date which is marked on the cases only with the month and the day of the month.

Evil Genius: They use a bottled on date every bottle & case box.

Evolution Craft Brewing: They use a bottled date on it's mother case in the format MM/DD/YY.