Pabst: They use an expiration date.

Palo Alto: They use a bottling date on all their bottles.

Paper City: They use a best before date. Only on the regular brews.

Paradise Creek: They use a bottling date on their beers.

Paulaner: They use a four-digit expiration date. The first two digits are the month, the last two are the year.

Peak Organic: They use a best before date which is located on the side of the labels.

Pedernales: They use a packaging date. It's on the cases boxes as well as their keg caps.

Pelican: They use a bottling date which is on the crown/bottle cap. The date is the month only. Shelf-life is 3 months.

Pennsylvania (Penn): They use a best before date which is stamped on the outside of the cases like this: 'Best Before Month/Day/Year'. Our beer packaged in 2/12 packs (St. Nick, Nut Roll and Gourmet) have the date stickered on the outside, as the stamp tends to smudge.

Perennial: They use a bottling date.

Pete's: They use an eight-digit code. The last four-digits are the bottling date. The first of these three digits are the day of the year and the fourth digit is the year. For example, 0639 is the 63rd day of 1999.

Philadelphia: They use a bottling and packaging date. From information we have seen the brewer states that the bottles should have a date code on the neck.  They often have issues with the coder so it might not be there.  They also put the "packaged on" date on the top of the case boxes. Format is MM/DD/YY.

Pig's Eye: They use a production date which is written on the bottom of the can. Format is MM/DD/YY.

Pike Brewing: They use a bottling date.

Pilsner Urquell: They use a four-character code. The first two digits are the day of the month, a letter appears next giving the month, and the last digit is the year.

Piney River: They use a canning date on their cans.

Pipeworks: They use a batch number that you can use to find the bottling date on their website.

Pisgah: They uses a bottling date. From information we have seen the brewer states that the higher gravity special stuff usually something like "Spring 2009" or something. Other than that we have a # generally over the UPC like 9P54. Which would be the 54th batch of Pale Ale of 09. 

Pittsburgh: They use a bottling date. Example: 267 8 would be the 267th day of 2008. Brewer claims a 6 month shelf life in stores.

Pizza Beer: They use a bottling code. From information we have seen the brewer states that the use the Julian Code.  

Pizza Port: They use a bottling date. There's a date on the bombers. Ex.: February 2011.

Port Brewing:  They use a bottling date. There's an ink-jetted bottling date on shoulder of every bottle.

Port City: They use a bottling date. Cases are stamped and kegs also on the collar.

Portsmouth: They use a best before date.

Potosi: They use a bottling date which is a Julian date code. First 3 numbers are the day of the year and the las

Prescott: They use a packaging date which is only on the cans. From information we have seen the brewer states that the code is for us and our distributor to use to track our beer in the market and if there is any beer on the shelves longer 90 days we pull it. 

Pretty Things: They use a bottled in date. From information we have seen the brewer states that the "Bottled in" month and batch number on the neck label.

Pyramid: Clearly shows the best before date.