Karbach: They use a packaging date which is a Julian date on the cans/bottles and has a shelf life of 110 days. On the cans, it`s on the bottom underneath.

Karl Strauss: They use a bottling date which is in the Julian date code and it's on the neck of the bottle. Recommended shelf life is 120 days. 

Keegan Ales: They use a bottled on date on their case box.

Kern River: They use a bottling date on their cases only.

KettleHouse: They use a canned on date on their cans and cartons. Spelled out like: nov 06 2010.

Knee Deep: They use a bottling date. Example: 07/30/13.

Kona Brewing: They use a packaging date which is located either on the bottle or on the top of the label. Shelf-life is 180 days. Format is MM/DD/YYYY.

Kuhnhenn: They use a bottling date where only the year is written on the label. Their bottled beers are mostly strong so they can age for a couple of years.