Jackie O's: They use a bottled date. They only bottle limited beers and they are only available at the brewpub. Date is handwritten on the bottle.

Jack's Abby: They use a bottling date on all their bottles.

Jacob Leinenkugel: They use a pull date. From information we have seen the brewer states that you can find the pull date--which represents the date the beer should be taken off the shelves—located on the neck area of the bottle. Five numbers should appear on the top line. The first two numbers represent the month, the next two numbers represent the day, and the last number represents the year. Therefore, the numbers 07050 would mean this Leinie product should be taken off the retail shelves by July 5, 2010.

James Page:  They use a bottling date which is a Julian code date. Example: 1339 would be the 133rd day of 2009 it should be on the base of the neck of the bottle as well as on the case box in the same format.

Jester King: They use a bottling date. It's on the back label. Ex: Jan 2013. They also include the batch number.

Jolly Pumpkin: They use a 3 digit batch number. You may be able to look on their website to find out when it was brewed and bottled. 

Justice: They have a bottling date.