Icicle Brewing: They use a bottling date on their cases only. They only bottle one beer, Bootjack IPA.
Idle Hands: They use a bottled on date which is an 8-digit code stamped on the label (YYYYMMDD).

Indeed: They use a bottling and born on date on all their packaged beer.

Independence: They use a bottling date. From information we have seen the brewer indicated that they intend to print the date on which the beer was bottled directly onto the neck of the bottle.

Industrial Arts:  Uses a packaged on date. It's on the side/bottom of can.

Indian Wells: They use a bottling date which is in Julian date located on the bottle.

Iron Fist: They use a bottling date on the outside of their cases.

Iron Springs: They use a bottling date on the bottle itself.

Ithaca: They use a best before date. The month is notched on the side of the label when best to drink before. Bottling date is 3 months from best by date.