Hair of the Dog: They use either the year as a vintage or a batch code that you can find out the brewed & bottled date on their website. (sources say the don't update regularly)

Hale's: They use a bottling date which is located on the outside of the cases boxes. Format is MM/DD/YYYY.

Half Acre: They use a packaging date on their cases. The code on the cans is the manufacturer's code, not Half Acre's.

Hardywood Park: They usea vintage dates on some of their beers.

Harpoon: They use a best by date which is laser etched on the bottle. Format is MM/DD/YY.  Some of their beer seem to have a Julian bottling code which is a 3 digit number stamped on the neck.

Hatuey: They use a Julian date code that is stamped on the shoulder of the bottle.

Hawaii Nui: They use a born on date which is date stamped only on the cases.

Heater Allen: They use a bottling date on their bottles, will eventually be on all their future beers.

Heineken: They use a coded four-character bottling date. The first digit is the year and the remaining three are the day of the year. For example, 9063 is the 63rd day of 1999.

Heretic: They use a bottling date which is located on the left side of their labels. Format is MM/DD/YY followed by the batch number.

Hermitage: They use a bottled/packed on date on both their bottles and cases.

Heavy Seas: They use a best before date which is the Month and year and they are notched on the bottom of the front label.

High & Mighty: They use a bottled on date that is clearly marked on the label.

Highland: They use a bottled on date. It will be a date burned in the glass on the bottom of the side under the label. Shelf-life is recommended at 90 days but it can last longer. Format is MM/DD/YY.

High Point: They use a best before date which is on their cases and bottles, the date is 6 months from packaging. On their keg labels, it's 3 months.

High Water: They use a bottling date in the format of MM/DD/YY on all bottles between the neck and the shoulder of the bottle. Also cases are stamped with the date before they are palletized.

Hill Farmstead: They have a date on some of their bottles.

Hinterland: They use a bottling date which is located on the cases as well as inside the four-packs.

Hook & Ladder: They uses a best before date which is a Julian date code.

Hopworks Urban Brewery: They use a bottling date. From information we have seen the brewer states that show one date in the lower left side: 0909 1009 1109 1209 (month/year). Currently they removed a line from the hash marks on the left side of the bottle. IPA, DOA, Stout, Pale: Start counting hash marks 2nd from the top, missing hash is the month the beer was bottled. Secession: Top two hash marks are blue, count the green hash marks from the top, missing hash is the month the beer was bottled. 

Horny Goat Hideaway: They use a bottling date which is the Julian date.

Hubert: They use a bottling date.