Galena: They use a packaging date which is displayed on the bottle.

General Lafayette: They use a bottling date which is marked on their case boxes only.

Genesee: They use a production date which is in a Julian code. DDDY, where DDD = Julian Production Date ; Y=last digit of year.

Ghost River: They use a bottling date on both their bottles and cases.

Golden City: They use a bottling date on their cases only.

Golden Road: They use a canned on date.

GoodLife: They use a bottling date.

Good People: They use a canning date which is a sticker on top of the 6-pack topper only but not on the individual cans.

Goose Island: Clearly shows the bottling date. The first six digits are the date, first two are the month, second two are the day, last two are the year. They also use a best before date on their cases which is a year out from the bottling date.

Gordash (Holy Mackerel): They use a bottling date. From information we have seen the brewer states that there is a bottling code stamped on the neck but the year is on the label and it is a beer that improves with age up to 3 years.

Gordon Biersch: Clearly shows the bottling date.

Grand Canyon: They use a bombed on (bottling) date on their bombers.

Grand Teton: They use a bottling date which is printed on the side of the bottle in yellow ink. Format is MM/DD/YYYY.

Gray's Brewing: They use a bottled on date.

Great Divide: They use a bottling date which is printed on the lower right hand side of the bottle as well as on their cases. Format is MM/DD/YYYY.

Great Lakes Brewing Co: They use a best before date at the bottom of the label. A few of their high ABV beers have a bottling date that is clearly marked. Here is a sampling of the shelf life for some of their beers: Burning River - 90 days,Commodore Perry - 90 days, Eliot Ness - 100 days, Dortmunder - 110 days, Edmund Fitzgerald - 180 days.

Great Northern Brew: They use a best before date that is stamped on their cases.

Green Flash: They uses a bottled on date which is located on the cartons and the bottles which is on the bottom of the bottle below the label. Best Before dates have been seen in CO specifically.

Green Valley: They use a production date. From information we have seen the brewer states that it is written in a “Julian” code.  As an example, let’s say the code is 10084FA96.  The “10” denotes the year of production, and the three numbers after mean that the beer was brewed on the 84th day of the year, or today, March 25th.  The letters and numbers after that indicate a brewery and packaging line.

Grey Sail: They use a canning date which is a sticker on each six-pack.

Gritty McDuff's: They use a Best if used before date. From information we have seen the brewer states that on their 12 ounce bottles they have a Best if used before date. It is typically on the left side of the label. You'll see a notch for a month and a year.

Guinness: They use a coded bottling date of day, month, year. The month is a letter so 16B9 is 16 Feb 99. Previously, the date code was a reversed date like 79 10 21 for 12 January 1997.