Caldera: They use a packaged on date. From information that we have seen the brewer states the date is just on the case tray and good for six months. 

Calicraft: They use a bottling code which is on the bottle portion of the bottle.

Cambridge: They use a bottled on date which states both the name of the month and the year. There's also a date printed with the actual bottling date.

Capital: They use a 4-digit Julian code bottling date. The first 3 digits are the day of the year and the 4th digit is the year. Example: 0849 would mean it was bottled on the 84th day of 2009 (Mar. 25).

Captain Lawrence: They use a born on date.

Captured By Porches: They use a bottling date. From information we have seen the brewer states that you can see the date on the left hand side of the label along the edge.  There will be 2 red marks under the month and day to mark the specific day.

Carolina Beer: They use a born on date which as a 1 year shelf life. Julian dates are used on bottles visible on the neck. Here is an example of how to decipher the code!  1045 022/10 = 10:45 a.m. on Jan. 22, 2010.

Cascade/Raccoon Lodge: They use vintage dates. From information we have seen the brewer states that the dates they have are more like vintages...08,09 Apricot, Kriek, Vine etc...

Cascade Lakes: They use a bottling date on their case box only.

Cedar Creek: They use a canning date on cases only.

Central Coast: They use bottling date shown on their labels.

Central Waters: They use a bottling date which is in Julian date on the neck of the bottle.

Choc Brewing: They use a bottling date. From information that we have seen the brewer state that they date code their 6-pack boxes and the date code is similar to a price sticker and is usually applied on the inside of the box on the opening flap.  Each one is hand applied so sometimes the location varies.  The code is standard Julian dating.  The first three numbers are the day of the year the beer was bottled.

Christian Moerlein: They use a bottling date. Example: 13012 would be the 130th day of 2012 written in yellow ink on the neck of the bottle.

Church Brew Works: They use a bottling date. From information we have seen the brewer states that the date is stamped on their cases, on the bottom of mini-kegs and  labels of the quad and Trippel, is the packaged on date. All their beer has a 120 day shelf life, except higher ABV beers.  In addition, each label on our 12 oz. bottles is notched. The top left is Jan, top middle is Feb., top right is Mar. This pattern continues clock wise around the label. Right side of label  from top to bottom is April, May, June. Bottom of label  from right to left is July, Aug, Sept. and left side of label from bottom to top is Oct., Nov., Dec. They state that they give a single notch for each time we package a given style of beer in a month.  So if a label has three notches in the bottom left hand corner then it is the third bottling in Sept. for that style of beer. 

Cigar City: They use a bottling date which looks like this: MARCH2012. Underneath that, the number is stamped, example SEVEN. To the left of the label's main design.

Cisco: They use a standard best before date format of DD/MM/YY which is displayed on the cases only. 

City (WI): They use a bottling code. From information we have seen the brewer states that their products have date coding on them which is the actual Julian production date.  For example something produced on January 31, 2010 would read 0310, (dddy). Typically it is on the bottle (sometimes below the neck label) and cans (usually on the bottom).  Sometimes it is also on the packaging, but not always.

City Steam: They use a bottling date which is etched on.

Clown Shoes: They use a bottling date which is labelled on each bottle with month/day/year.

COAST: They use a bottling date in the format is MM/DD/YY. Example: 073012.

Coastal Empire: They use a packaging date which is time stamped on the beer.

Coastal Extreme: They use a best before date. From information we have seen the brewer states that on their Amber Ale and Blueberry beers they have a "best before date" and indicated that with their new line they will have it on all their bottles from now on.

Cody Brewing: They use a bottled on date on their bottles.

Columbus: They use a bottling date which is in Julian date code. Ex.: 12365 would be the 365th day of 2012.

Cooperstown: They use a packaged on date which is on their cases and six-packs only. MM/DD/YYYY.

Coors: They use a freshness code. The code tells the last day the beer should be available for sale. For example, if the code on a bottle or can of a Coors product reads "NOV14 111B" or "NOV1411132B", then November 14 is the day the product should be removed from a retailer's shelves. All Coors "pull dates" fall on a Sunday—that's how you can determine the year the product was packaged. In our example, the product should have been pulled from the shelves on Sunday, November 14, 2004.

Corner: They use a bottling date. From information we have seen the brewer states that the last four digits on the sticker on the bottom of the six-pack carrier is the month and date the beer was bottled.

Coronado: They use a bottled on date which is laser etched one each bottle.

Cottrell: They use a best before date.

Covington Brewhouse: They use a packaging date which is stamped inside the middle slot of their six-pack carrier.

Crabtree: They use a bottling date on their cases only.

Crooked Stave: They use batch numbers but no way to tell bottling date from them.