Backcountry: They use a bottled on date. Their 12 oz. bottles are good for 3 months after the bottled on date.

Back East: They use a packaging date on both their cases and kegs.

Back Forty: They use a best before date. From information we have seen the brewer states that the date is currently being printed on top of the government warning on the label, but are having the label redesigned to accommodate an actual space for the stamp.

Baderbräu: They use a bottling date on both their bottles and cases.

Badger Hill: They use bottling date. It's a different version of the Julian date code. You can visit this site which helps you convert the Julian date.

Bad Water: They use a packaged on date on both their cases and kegs.

Ballast Point: Beginning in April 2013 they started using a bottling date. It's in Julian date code. First two digits represent the year, next three digits is the Julian date. Ex: 13094 would be April 4th, 2013. You may also see a "Best Before" date in the form BE###/#####. The first 2 letters refer to the beer (ex: BE=Big Eye), the next 3 numbers refer to batch number, the concluding 4 numbers are the best before date in the form of month date and year. This date is 6 months from bottling (6 month shelf life). yellow lettering on the neck/shoulder of the bottle for example: S029/07302 means Sculpin batch#29, best before July 30, 2012 (bottled on 1/30/12)

Baltimore-Washington Beer Works: They use a fill date. It's displayed on the case carton only. Format is MM/DD/YYYY.

Barley Island: They use a bottling date. It's on their cases only. The format has the month spelled out, day, year.

Bard's Tale: They use a bottling date (Production Date). Example: PD10/23/2009 which translates to Oct. 24, 2009.

Barrington: They use a drink by date. It displays a best if purchased by month which is displayed on the side of the all of their labels except for their Holiday Yule Fuel Barleywine which is stamped on the bottle.

Bass: They use a 4-character bottling code. The first two digits are the day of the month, a letter is the month, and a digit is the year.

Baxter: They use a canned date which is displayed on the bottom of their cans.

Bear Republic: They use a bottling date code which is printed below the label on the actual glass. It is easier to see if you hold the bottle upside down by the neck. First 6 digits of the bottom line are the bottling date in DD/MM/YY format in yellow ink. In some cases, it's at the very bottom of the bottle.

Beck's: Keeps it simple they clearly show the expiration date as month and year.

Beer Works: They use a bottling date. From information we have seen the brewer states that If you can check the code stamped on the case, it is the Julian date and the last digit is the year ["0" for 2010] and they are working on rebuilding the date coder that attaches to our label.  

Belfast Bay: They use a best before date. The label reads as follows  BEST BEFORE: J F M A M J J A S O N D 12 13 14 so there would be 1 notch under a month and another under a year.

Bellevue: They use a standard bottling date.

Bell's: They use a bottling date which is displayed on the back label along with the batch number. Following the bottling date is a letter signifying the shelf life category. A, B & C corresponds to six months, and twelve months.

Berkshire: They use best by date which is yellow located on the shoulder of the bottle. The format is MM/DD/YY and is 6 months from bottling.

Big Boss: They use a standard bottled on date. It's on the side in the month/ year format.

Big Sky: They use a best before date. From information we have seen the brewer states that the date is on the shoulder of the bottle where there should be two rows of numbers.  The second row is the “best by” date. The first six numbers of the second row are mm/dd/yy. The cans have the same system printed on their bottoms.

Bitter Root: They use a packaging date. From information we have seen the brewer states that the date is date stamped on the box is MMMDDYYYY. No date stamps on the bottles.

Black Diamond: They use a born on date which is displayed on the side of the label.

Black Raven: They use a standard a bottling date. Ex: 11/14/2013.

Blackstone: They use a best before date which is displayed on the side of the label.

Blind Bat: They use a brewed on and bottled on date which is located on the bottom right side of the label. Example: Brewed March 15, 2009, Bottled May 24 2009.

Block 15: They use a bottling and best before date for their monthly Hop Experience Ale and all of their other beers are made to cellar (age) and have the year they were blended on the bottle.

Blue Frog Grog & Grill: They use bottling date which is on the cases only in standard date format MM/DD/YY.

Bluegrass: They use a best before date which is printed on their regular 12 oz. bottles.

Blue & Gray: They use a bottled on date on their bottles.

Blue Moon: They use a 6-character expiration date. The four-character month, two-character day, and one-character year gives SEPT192 for September 19, 2012.

Blue Mountain (VA): They use a best by date which is stamped on both the bottles and cans. Ex.: 07/12. Date is 120 days from canning.

Blue Pants: They use a standard bottling date in the format MM/DD/YY  which is on their bottles.

Blue Point: They use a bottling date which is printed on the neck of the bottle. Example: 15513. 155 = day of the year &13 = the year itself.

Bohemian (UT): They use a production date. From information we have seen the brewer states that their 12 packs are stamped on the bottom when they were canned and the 6 packs come on a flat which is also stamped with the production date. Format is MM/DD/YY.

Bootlegger's (CA): They use a bottling date on their case box's only.

Boston Beer Co (Sam Adams): They show the best before date. The month and years displayed except for their seasonal beers like Double Bock and Octoberfest where the year is mostly not given.

Bottle Tree: They use a Julian bottling date on their bottles.

Boulder Beer: Uses a pull (best before) date. Example: JUL3014 would be July 30, 2014.

Boulevard: They use a packaged Julian date and a best by date. Packaged date: 3022 0850 C would be packaged on January, 22 2013 at 8:50 am from bright beer tank "C" from which the beer was packaged. The code is printed directly on the bottle and also on the master cases. Best By date: BEST BY 05/22/13 .

Bozeman: They use a canning date with the date and time written on the can.

Brash: They use a bottled on date on all their bottles.

Brau Brothers: They use a bottling code which is in Julian date code stamped (usually) on the back label. From information we have seen the brewer states that they date their beer for ten days after bottling.  Then we hold that beer in our cooler for ten days as a kind of “quarantine”, just to make sure everything’s ok.

Breckenridge: They show the best before date the month and week (but not the year) on the left side of the front label.

Brew Kettle, The (OH): They use a packaging date on the cases only.

Brewer's Alley: They use a best before date. From information we have seen the brewer states that they do have a Julian date code which they employ on both the case boxes and the bottle body label. The first three numbers are the day of the year which would be 180 days after packaging, and the last two numbers indicate the year.

Brewer's Art: They use a best by date. From information we have seen the brewer states that the date is on the back label as a "best by" date and it's one year from bottling.

Brewmaster Jack: They use a bottling date. The 22 oz. bottles have it hand stamped on the side of label. 

Brew Works: They use bottling dates on cases only.

BridgePort: They use bottling date. From information we have seen the brewer states that all of their beers has a date etched into the neck of the bottle.  It will read example:  06908 this is called a Julian date. It reads the 69th day of 2010 the 8 on the end is the batch that it came out of. It is good for 6 months after the bottling date.

Bristol: Uses a bottled on date. On the edge of the label on the bottle, and for cases its on the side.

Bronx: Uses a date canned on the can.

Brooklyn: Uses a date of production. It's a Julian code. For mat is dddy, where ddd= Julian Production Date ; y=last digit of year. It's on the cases and should be on the bottles and cans. The brooklyn lager 12 oz. bottles look to be dated as follows - Best Before date- month & year on the shoulder of bottle in yellow and also it appears to have the julian code also.

Brown's (NY): Uses a bottling date. Its only on the carton. (always subject to change)

Bruery (The): Uses a best by date. Printed on the bottle and it's also printed somewhere on the lower side of the case as follows MM/DD/YY.

Brugge Brasserie : Uses a bottling date. It's only on carton as follows MM/DD/YY.

Buckeye: Uses a bottled on date and its only on the case.

Budweiser: uses a born on date on rear of label.

Buffalo Bill's: Uses a best before date on  bottle as follows - 050914

Butternuts: Uses a packaged on and best before date. From info we have seen the brewer states: On a 12 pack there is a date it was packed and a best by date.