The American Craft Beer Revolution. Hurrray ! For the red, white and brew.

Once upon a time there were three words that stood for quality, innovation, and pride. When you read these three words you knew that you were getting a quality product. These words are "Made in America". If you were to walk into just about any retail store today you would be hard pressed to even find those words. Don't get me wrong, America still makes things but now were making products that you often don't see as a part of daily life. Things like heavy equipment or circuit boards that go inside other products. We make a lot of things that other countries aren't capable of making and that's a good thing but what about the lower end goods. Try finding any type of footwear that is still made in the U.S or good luck finding a toy in the toy aisle that is made in the states. The reason for this is simple, in order to compete with other countries we have to find ways to make things cheaper and faster but unfortunately as a result we get mass produced junk. It's my belief that if we started to make quality products again (in America) and we got back to being innovators, Americans would be willing to pay a bit more for that quality plus keep jobs in the states . A perfect example of this is the rapidly growing industry of craft beer. This industry has all the components of what makes and has always made America great. Many of these companies start with very little funding, minimal space and owners that are hands on, just a dollar and a dream so to speak; but what they may lack in resources they make up with the desire, passion and skill to cultivate a product that they're proud of and we enjoy. This doesn't just happen through hard work alone. For starters, these brewers use only the finest ingredients and go through a lot of trial and error. Such practices are admirable being that their capital is limited. It would be easy to use cheaper ingredients and cheaper processes but that would go against the whole concept of craft beer. After all.. isn't this why we are willing to pay almost twice as much for craft beer than the mass market stuff ? Which brings me back to my point, it's great to see Americans making things again, even if it's just beer... and why not beer? Beer has been around forever, it's one of the worlds oldest prepared beverages. Many historians have beer dating back to sometime B.C.. So basically beer is not going anywhere anytime soon and it's great that America is at the forefront. There used to be a time when the craft beer standard was set just across the Atlantic ocean but in my opinion (and maybe I'm biased) it seems as though the U.S is now setting the standard. Through new brewing techniques and innovative new flavor profiles America seems to be taking the lead in this craft beer revolution. So next time your about to grab a sixer of that watered down stuff remember for a few extra bucks not only will you get a quality brew made with better ingredients ( and higher ABV ) you may also be helping to keep a small business alive and if that's not enough of a reason than maybe this is , next time your wife is getting on your case about drinking too much beer, you can look her right in the eyes and say  " I know on the surface it looks like I'm just sitting in this recliner watching the game and drinking beer but what your really observing  here is me doing my part in the preservation of the American dream ! " ( I claim no liability for events that might happen following that comment ) . God Bless America !


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