Showdown in Peanut Butter Town ! - Liquid Bliss vs Sweet Baby Jesus

Ok fellas go back to your corners ! When I give the sign I want you to come out swinging. Ok fight ! Sweet Baby comes out fast and immediately hits Bliss right on nose with a huge peanut butter aroma, but Bliss shrugs it off and comes right back and hits Sweet Baby right in the mouth with a smoother mouthfeel and a longer retaining head, now here comes Sweet Baby again with a flurry of his own, a bigger peanut taste and more carbonation. Bliss stumbles back but doesn't go down, he still has some fight in him, he throws a jab of his own and connects with a slightly bigger chocolate taste, both of these fighters are giving it there all and they are evenly matched in the smoothness department, we are coming down to wire and time has almost ran out. Sweet Baby throws one more punch and connects with a slightly higher ABV just as the final bell rings. It looks like this fight has come down to a decision, this one was close, and the winner is.................. Sweet Baby Jesus just by a smidge. In our opinion neither of these beers has anything to hang their heads about, for if it wasn't for their originality and innovativeness we wouldn't be here tonight. So keep up your nonconformity guys and goodnight !


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