From a beer to a man.

Is it just me or is it bittersweet watching your favorite craft beer go from complete obscurity to a beer that is spoke of in every craft beer aisle. There seems to be a thin line between wanting people to recognize and give props to your go-to beer and letting out your dirty little secret. After all, you guys were together from the beginning, you took a chance on that relatively unknown beer when no one else would. You can remember the first time you laid eyes on its plain and almost generic label and then taking that first sip and knowing instantly you've stumbled upon a winner. So there you are in the craft beer aisle hoping to discover another hidden gem and suddenly you hear it. You hear some dude trying to persuade his buddy to try this "new beer that is totally amazing" , you lean in hoping to get some inside information and what comes out of his mouth hits you like a ton of bricks, you didn't get the 411 on some new beer , what you got was a sucker punch to the gut, the new beer which he is talking so bragadociously about is your baby, the baby you watched take its first steps is now all grown up and moving out of the house and all you can do is smile and wish it luck. You so badly want to turn and tell them how great the beer is and how much you enjoyed it when you first tried it ( 3 yrs ago !!! ) but you don't, because just then you see a little piece of yourself in those wide eyed craft beer cubs and then it hits you, craft beer isn't meant to be hidden away somewhere and kept a secret, it should be celebrated, for without it beer would be well......just beer and somewhere in that very same aisle there is another lonely and undiscovered beer that needs a voice. So next time you discover a relatively unknown beer, cherish your time together and for at least a short time resist the need to share its beauty with others because if it's really that good than its just a matter of time before the rest of the world discovers your little secret.


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Welcome! Mr. Beerjangle is a site that is rooted in Craft Beer and everything surrounding it. We not only strive to entertain you, but also to provide information and fun reading to anyone interested in the craft beer world. However this is not just another beer site because not only will we review craft beers but we will also discuss the culture that surrounds it. Everyone involved with this site is not only a big fan of craft beer but we are also fans of music, cinema, art and pretty much anything that kicks ass. Today craft beer drinkers are more of a community. We appreciate the time, energy and detail that brewers put into every brew and craft beer appreciation isn't just a guy thing, many women are choosing a craft beer over a glass of wine and this trend seems to be growing. We will talk about where to find a great brewery or an interesting place where you can get a craft beer and listen to a live band. In other words we don't want to put ourselves into a box, this site will always be evolving and anyone who visits our site will have a chance to voice their opinion and throw in their two cents (as long as your point of view does not conflict with us "experts").....just kidding, seriously feel free voice your opinion. We will also be giving you the 411 on all types of beer related events such as festivals pour yourself a cold one (or a room temperature one) and join the party.

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