The beer glass debate, does it really make a difference what kind of glass you drink your beer from?

For me personally it does make a difference, even if it is part psychological. Let me try to explain without going into a whole bunch of scientific mumbo jumbo. You see, some glasses are designed to enhance the aromatics, some to showcase the head of the beer , others help in controlling the temperature and some plain and simply just make the beer look more visually appealing, and in my opinion if your going to spend $15.00 or so on a bomber ( 22 ounce bottle of beer ) than why not put it a nice glass to be a adorned. I usually try to use the recommended glass for the style of beer which I am drinking but to be honest on occasion I will grab any old glass that will fit the contents of the goodness that is within my bottle and after half of  the glass is gone ( especially if its an Imperial of some sort with an ABV of 9% or higher ) the furthest thing from my mind is the type of glass that was used as the vessel to get that sweet nectar into my belly. So my recommendation is that if you have the suggested glass on hand, why not use it to sweeten the experience and if you don't then "drink up Johnny ! " no one is looking.


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