Craft Beer Art - Can the artwork on the label influence you to buy a certain beer or even influence the taste ?

In my humble opinion I don't believe a label can make a bad beer taste good but I definitely think it can make a good beer taste just a little better. C'mon lets be honest we're all guilty of taking a sip from our favorite beer and gazing into the label like children staring at the back of a cereal box. We become the captain of the ship that's about to set sail on a dark stormy night, right? ...Uhhh.... me neither. I was just kidding. But seriously I think we can all relate to being in the craft beer aisle and for whatever reason rather than to take the suggestion of the beer guy or try something that your buddy has been suggesting for weeks, we decide to delve blindly into the sea of colorful labels and clever names hoping we will find that hidden gem. This reminds me of when I was a bit younger, a friend of mine and I would go to the music store in the local mall and blindly pick new music solely based on the cover of the cassette, "yes i said cassette" but lets not get away from the point, you see, we didn't have the means of research that are available today. There was no internet or smartphones and MTV was still in its infancy so we had to rely on our artistic instincts or lack thereof. So there we were in a sea of cassettes and possibly a few cd's trying to gain some street cred by discovering the next Run D.M.C (now I'm really dating myself) and the beauty of it was, that it wasn't until we got the tape home, unwrapped it from the tightly sealed plastic (which took like forever) and popped it into the deck did we know if we had bragging rights or we just got beat for $9.99 but even when we struck out it was ok because it was just as much about the thrill of the hunt as it was about the music. So the next time your standing in that sea of interesting craft beer labels just go with your gut because you never know, you might be discovering the next Run D.M.C, but then again it could be Marky Mark and the Funky Bunch......


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